Jazz Snacks Routine

Jazz Snacks Routine!   Learn this 60s routine and join us in creating an isolation dance video.

If you need more details on how to do each of the moves we have covered them in the last 4 videos! 

Part 4

Boogie Forward - Corkscrews - Scissor Kicks

A shorter video this week of some basic Jazz Steps ahead of our routine coming soon! 

Part 3

Boogie Down - Fall off the Log - Pivot Turns

Join me for another short class with some interesting combinations and variations! 

Part 2

Jazzing Around at Home - Hallelujah Step, Box Steps and Lockturns

Video launching on Youtube 16th April at 1:00pm!  Join me for some lunch time Jazz!

Part 1

 Tackie Annie's - Mambo Step - Scarecrow and some fancy variations! 

 Join me for a quick coffee break and do some Solo jazz!  Watch the video in sections or all together! Stay sane during isolation!