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Welcome to Jazzsnacks!  The perfect place for short Solo Jazz lessons and cooking inspiration to keep you busy during the lockdown!  

There is no charge for my Jazz lessons or recipes but if you would like to contribute please hit the donation button.  I'd be oh so greatful!


Each week I will be posting a short video containing 3-4 Solo Jazz moves.  Each move will include a couple of variations and at the end of each video they will be put together to form a phrase for you to practice at home.   

Want a private lesson for either solo or partnered Lindyhop via webcam? Send me a message via the contact me section.


As most of my friends will already know I love to bake and to cook.   What better time than now to share this love with you!  Try out these  tasty recipes at home!  

Head over to Jazzing Around at Home page for more videos

Jazz Snacks Routine!   Learn this 60s routine and join us in creating an isolation dance video.

If you need more details on how to do each of the moves we have covered them in the last 4 videos! 


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